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Germany's Hot eVTOL Lilium Taking Off

  25 Lilium Jet Flying Taxis Go into Production 2023 Source:  Lilium Unique Aviation Technology Germany-based eVTOL maker Lilium is closing in on the finish line for commercial operations of its flying taxis.  It just secured $119 million in investment money from big players like American conglomerate Honeywell and China conglomerate Tencent Holdings. Some of the funding will help Lilium start production on its unique aviation technology.  In 2023, it will begin with the production of 25 of its flying taxis called Jet.  It expects to produce 250 more Jets in 2024. Jet is an all-electric, vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. It doesn't require a runway for takeoff and is part of the big emerging travel trend of urban air mobility. Unique Technology Lilium's Jet offers unique aviation technology.  The EV relies on a large number of small electric jet engines that are integrated into the wing flaps in the front of the aircraft for vertical lift.  Most other flying taxis use rotor