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NASA & 1st Flying Taxi Hub In US

  NASA Is Partnering With Orlando, FL on eVTOLs                                                                                      Source:  Lillium Preparations Underway to Welcome Urban Air Mobility Vehicles NASA is partnering with the city of Orlando, Florida to welcome, develop facilities and infrastructure and establish a regulatory environment to accommodate flying taxis and flying cars.  The city of Orlando's first vertiport for vertical takeoffs and landings of eventual fleets of flying taxis will be built by Lillium, the German based leading developer of electric vertical take-off and landing flying taxis (eVTOLS).  The first vertiport in the US is planned for the Lake Nona area of Orlando.  The vertiport is expected to cost $25 million with two landing pads and the capacity to charge 8 vehicles simultaneously.  Many more vertiports in Florida are planned from Miami to Palm Beach and beyond.  It's the beginning of a revolutionary new way to travel within cities and ci