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Elon Musk's Not Boring Boring Co.

Musk Gets OK to Test His Loop Lift from Hyperloop Tunnel to Home Garage Boring Co.'s Tunnel and Lift Boring Company's Loop Lift Hawthorne City, CA City Council just gave Elon Musk and his Boring Company the okay to build a proof of concept prototype of his Loop Lift.  The concept involves an elevator lift to connect, for the test, a ground level garage to an underground Hyperloop tunnel. Specifics The plan is to connect a one mile long Hyperloop tunnel that's on the campus of Musk's Space X to a private house that's owned by a Musk company.  The vision is to cut future traffic from the roads by parking vehicles in underground tunnels and then, for this test, connecting them to the Hyperloop transportation system by the elevator lift. Musk's Vision of the Loop Lift, Hyperloop and Flying Cars Musk envisions a network of underground tunnels and elevator lifts built in the basements of homes, office buildings, malls, you name it.  He believes that