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Mercedes' Incredibly Powerful Sports Car

  734 HP GT Track Series                                                  Source:  Mercedes The GT For the Racer in All of Us Mercedes-AMG has pulled out all of the stops in creating the extremely powerful GT Track Series sportscar/racecar. The limited-edition supercar - only 55 will be handmade - packs a whopping 734 hp and 626 ft lbs. of torque.  It is the most powerful sportscar that Mercedes has ever created for customers.  The GT is said to be capable of speeds in excess of 200 mph. Off to the Races Mercedes' GT and its aerodynamic design and features are clearly created for racing.  Much of the sleek vehicle is made from very lightweight carbon fiber.  It weighs only 1400 kg (3086 lbs.).  Reports indicate that it is so powerful and fast that it is not street legal.  It is just for the racetrack.  The GT has standard 18-inch wheels and a two-tone exterior of silver with splashes of red accents.  It is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 bi-turbo engine and has a powerful set of steel br