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New, Electric MG Sports Car

  MG Cyberster 2024                                                                                                          Source:  MG UK Designed, China Owned The iconic British sports car brand MG, which is now owned by China SAIC, is developing an electric sports car, the MG Cyberster for the brand's 100th birthday in 2024.  They're calling it an "affordable sports car" and are targeting international markets with both left-and right-hand driving modes.  Judging from the concept car images and just released teaser production images, the beauty, aerodynamics and performance capabilities of the MG Cyberster look to be spectacular.  It could rival the immense popularity of its predecessor, the MGB sportscar of the 1960's. Tech Specs We Know What is most impressive is the EV's expected performance.  It will be powered by a "module-less" battery technology that has a claimed range of 500 miles on a charge.  That range is at the top of the list, beati