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Off-roading and Respecting Environment

Mitsubishi MI-TECH Concept Source:  Mitsubishi Off-Road Vehicle That's Electric The Tokyo Auto Show is now underway and there's a very interesting new off-road vehicle we just came upon.  It's Mitsubishi's MI-TECH concept vehicle that's an off-roader to explore the environment that is eco-friendly. The vehicle has no doors, is primarily electric powered and looks like a great way to explore the great outdoors without significantly polluting it in comparison with other off-road vehicles.  What I love about this concept is exploring the environment without causing significant pollution while doing it.   Electric Off-Road Vehicle The vehicle concept is powered by a plug in electric powertrain with a four motor electric, all wheel drive system.  There's a gas turbine engine that can run on alcohol, kerosene or diesel to recharge the batteries.  It's a new concept vehicle worth taking a look at for a greener start to explore the enviro