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MIT's Tiny Robots For Painless Surgeries

  Breakthrough Medical Robotic System Being Developed                                       Source:  MIT & Origami Robots Potential Drug Treatment Delivery System, Non-Invasive Surgery and More Researchers at MIT's world famous CSAIL (Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) are developing revolutionary, new, tiny robots, shaped like centuries old, Japanese art called origami, with tremendous medical potential.  Here are the key facts: MIT scientists and roboticists are using origami folding patterns to create tiny robots to perform "no incision, no pain and no infection risk surgeries" Robot can fold to the size of a pill It is ingestible It can be moved around in the digestive system by using magnetic fields It has been successfully tested and removed a tiny battery button in an artificial stomach and digestive tract - young kids in the thousands ingest these potentially deadly battery buttons every year MIT has been developing and moving this technology