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A Star is Born or Maybe Two

Intergalactic Innovation & Discovery Source:  University of Leeds Artist Rendering of Star Birth Massive New Star Either Morphing into a Planet or Has a Companion New Star Rising Astronomers at the University of Leeds in the UK have some of the most detailed images ever taken of a young star forming.  The views show an unexpected companion in orbit around the massive young star.  This may be the birth of not one but two new stars in our galaxy.  The original, new massive star, a proto-star they are tracking, is MM1a and the smaller star in orbit is MM1b forming in the outer region..   Disc Around a New Star This is one of the first examples of a fragmented disc detailed around a massive young star.  The scientists say it is in these discs that planets can form.  They believe in this case we're witnessing the birth of 2 new stars. Twice the Mass of the Sun The central star MM1a is massive.  It weighs 40 times the mass of the sun.  Star 2 weighs less than half the we