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New Motion Capture Suit

For Athletes and Others, Full Body 3D Motion Tracking Tech Source: XSENS Motion Tracking Bodysuit XSENS Innovation from the Netherlands XSENS, based in The Netherlands, is a leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technologies.  Their latest technology offers full body, 3D movement analysis by wireless data capture.  They've introduced two new systems. MVN Awinda Their new MVN Awinda offers a full-body motion analysis that's optimized for sports and ergonomic uses.  It deploys 17 wireless trackers wrapped around the performer such as in a headband, wrist, arm and leg bands.  Movement data from them is transmitted up to 60 feet indoors and 150 feet outdoors to a backpack called an Awinda station where the data is streamed live or recorded. Full Bodysuit Another new product is the MVN Link bodysuit.  It is a lycra bodysuit with wireless trackers built-in. It comes in 5 sizes and has a wireless range for data transmission of 150 feet indoors and 450 feet outdoors.  Th