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Mazda's Beautiful New Concept Sports Car

  The "Vision Study Model"                                                  Source:  Mazda Could This Be the Future Miata EV? Mazda has unveiled a big surprise:  a new sports car concept that is intriguing automotive enthusiasts.  It is called the "Vision Study Model".  It's a beautiful coupe that is sleek, smooth and very aerodynamic.  It sports dramatic, big fenders, butterfly doors and dimensions that are similar to the iconic Miata sports car. Many automotive experts are wondering: Is this the future Miata EV?. It could be!  The vehicle was a big surprise at its unveiling at Mazda's announcement of its future electrification plans, which are very significant.  Mazda is investing $11billion into electrification through 2030. Mazda wants its sales ratio to be 40% EV by 2030. Expectations Automotive experts expect an all-electric Mazda Miata-like sports car to be produced by the late 2020's. They believe that Mazda will first roll out a hybrid version.