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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

   MERCEDES "SCUPTURE ON WHEELS" G-WAGEN                                                  Source:  Mercedes At the 2023 London Fashion Week, Mercedes and French luxury fashion brand Moncler debuted their unique, winter-ready 4x4 - Project Mondo G or the G-Wagen Mercedes calls the vehicle resulting from their 1-year collaboration with Moncler "a sculpture on wheels", which combines luxury motors with luxury fabric The G-Wagen is a 3-door, 4x4 SUV that is more of a work of art than a functional vehicle This is a huge SUV that's over 9 feet tall and 11 feet wide The vehicle has a removable top and the wheels are composed of Moncler's trademark fabric Mercedes calls the G-Wagen a work of art, molding the "strong geometry of the G-Class with organic forms of Moncler's puffed jackets" It is not known yet if a form of this radical car prototype will go into production but there is widespread belief that Mercedes will produce a "Mini-G", poss