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Micromobility: Shared, Remote-Controlled, E-Scooters Source:  Curiosity Labs at Peachtree Crossings, GA First Commercial Operation:  Suburban Atlanta, GA  The world's 1st, remote-controlled electric scooters are now available for rent in suburban Atlanta, GA.  It's the first remote controlled, shared electric scooter service to start commercial operations in the US.  100 scooters are now in service and being remotely controlled by teleoperators in Mexico City. High Tech, Green Scooters The scooters are 4 wheelers, with two training wheels under the scooter deck to provide better balance.  They're bulkier than the average two-wheel scooter and have extra components attached to their handlebars and deck.  The technology includes data sensors and live streaming cameras. Human Controlled at a Great Distance The scooters are controlled by teams of employees in Mexico City - 1700 miles away from Atlanta.  The teleoperators use technology including a live feed from