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Relativity to 3D Print Rockets

NASA Leases the Start-Up Space Source:  Relativity Space Odyssey to Mars Relativity is a Los Angeles based, venture capital backed rocket maker.  It just leased 220,000 sq. feet of space at a NASA facility in Mississippi to 3D print low cost rockets to launch small payload satellites into orbit. Money for Mars One of the company's big goals is to manufacture rockets on Mars.  CEO Tim Ellis, who was an executive at Jeff Bezos' space company Blue Origin, says that is the first priority for space colonization. The company hopes to generate cash by using the Terran 1 rockets that it will 3D print in Mississippi to launch small satellites.  It will use the cash to develop a team of machine learning robots that can manufacture and assemble its Terran 1 rockets on Mars with no human help. Rocket Maker in Orbit The giant 3D printers on the ground in Mississippi can produce a rocket in under 60 days.  The Terran 1 is expected to launch in 2020 and will cost satellite maker