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Empowering Zimbabwe Women - Solar E-Trike

  Solar Tricycle Donations from the European Union                                                                      Source:  Mobility for Africa A Small Gift to Help Build Women Businesses When I look at these pictures of a rural Zimbabwean woman on her new solar-electric trike on her way to market, I see empowerment, pride, entrepreneurship and the will to succeed, if just given the chance.  How about you? It may seem like a small gesture of kindness but the solar electric tricycles that the European Union is providing to a number of women in rural Zimbabwe are literally changing their lives for the better and helping them grow their tiny farm businesses.  The bikes have given them new solar-electric mobility.  Until they received their off-road, 3 wheeled trikes, most of them had to walk their eggs and vegetables in baskets on their heads, for long miles to sell or barter them in the center of town. In the Domboshava area where the program has launched, transportation is woefully