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Amazing All Terrain Wheelchair For Vets

Segway Inventor Dean Kaman's  All Terrain Wheelchair for Wounded Veterans                            Source:  Dean Kamen & Mobius Mobility Creation of Segway Inventor Dean Kamen New Hampshire based inventor Dean Kamen, famous for his Segway scooter, has created a new version of his iBOT personal mobility vehicle:  an all terrain wheelchair to provide mobility to wounded veterans. On this Memorial Day, he is engaged in a national bus tour to bring iBOT wheelchairs to Veterans Administration medical centers.  It's called the Operation Mobility Tour. Operation Mobility Tour The tour will make stops at 25 VA medical centers specializing in spinal cord injuries by the end of the summer.  50 wheelchairs are being donated to the medical centers: one for training and a second for a wounded veteran.  This effort is a partnership between the non-profit SoldierStrong and Mobius Mobility, which is the company behind the iBOT. Highly Advanced Technology Unlike a standard wheelchair, iBO