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Old Plastic Made New - Less Dumping

Pioneering Pilot by Mondi Group Source:  Mondi Group Less Plastic Waste by Innovative Re-Use Mondi Group, the global packaging and paper company, has created flexible packaging from recycled plastic used and discarded by consumers.  They've developed a usable pouch prototype that contains 20% post consumer waste, considered one of the nastiest forms of plastic waste that is polluting the planet. Circular Economy The company, which lists headquarters in London, Vienna and Johannesburg, says this brings them one step closer to a circular economy.  The program is called Project Proof and it's an Ellen McNamara Pioneer Project that Mondi is leading.  The plastic waste comes from mixed household waste.  And the flexible pouch that they've produced from it is suitable for items like detergent. Proof of Concept Mondi Group says this demonstrates it is possible to use unclean and raw, post consumer recycled content to create flexible, new packaging.  Mondi will now dev