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World's 1st AI Powered Pet Feeder

CES Innovation Award Winner - AI Pet Bowl Source:  Volta and Pet Electronics of New York Innovation Machine that Caters to Your Pe t As a dog lover, I'm fascinated by this innovation for my German Shorthaired Pointer Rudi aka Snookie.  He's just 1 years old, athletic and thin but a foodie.  The new innovation is called Mookkie and it's been produced by the Italian Tech company Volta.  It's a pet feeder with AI intelligence that recognizes each of your pets' faces and feeds them accordingly. My other pet is Biddie, a 6 year old Smooth Fox Terrier who is another foodie and a terrier about it. This AI pet bowl feeder just received the CES Innovation Award in the Smart Homes Category.  Sounds interesting. Right Portions This device gives each pet the right amount of food.  It works for dogs, cats and pets with special dietary conditions and needs. It's an innovation standout at CES 2019.  It's going to be launched in September 2019 at a price of $189