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Porsche's Mystery All-electric Concept

  Concept to Be Unveiled at Munich Auto Show                                  Source:  Porsche Concept Headlight                                     Source:  Porsche 2021 Taycan 4S Experts Expect a Dazzler Porsche is teasing a new, fully electric concept car on Instagram that it will unveil at the upcoming IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich on September 6.  The only glimpse of the new concept that Porsche has given is an image of a headlight.  With this concept, Porsche says that it is looking to the future "with cutting edge technologies combined with breathtaking design", inspired by their 70 year history of auto-making. Motorsports In their social media post, Porsche mentioned motorsports with regard to the new concept.  They said motorsports provides the "toughest grounds for engineering innovations on their way to series production".  Experts are speculating that this could be a new vehicle inspired by motorsports or an experimental racecar with a fully electric power

Important Innovations Collection: Tattoos that Monitor Health

Tattoo Health Technology Source:  Technical University of Munich Tattoo Dermal Sensors that Monitor Health Scientists at Germany's Technical University of Munich have invented a tattoo with specially designed ink that monitors the bloodstream for specific conditions such as rising or dropping glucose levels in a diabetic.  The tattoos change color if there is a changing level of specific metabolic substances.  For a news blog with more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Tattoos that Monitor Health : Dermal Sensors Source:  German's Technical University of Munich Tattoo Health Technology Dermal sensors, that are essentially per...