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Being Bullet Proof

Vehicle Armor - As Good As Steel, Half the Weight Source:  NCSU Prof. Afsaneh Rabiei and her Invention CMF New Invention - Composite Metal Foam Engineers at North Carolina State University have invented a composite metal foam (CMF) that is able to stop .50 caliber armor piercing bullets.  The lead inventor is NCSU Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Afsaneh Rabiei.  They've done so by embedding steel spheres inside the steel matrix of the CMF. New Armor Plate for Military Vehicles The new material for bullet proofing is designed for military vehicles.  The invention is as strong and protective as steel but is half the weight.  That will enable designers of military vehicles to make them much lighter. Withstands Rounds at Impact Velocities of 885 mph The foam is placed between a ceramic faceplate and thin aluminum backplate.  The armor is strong enough to absorb 78% of the kinetic energy from .50 caliber armor piercing bullets with an impact velocity of 8