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Aska Flying Car Debuts at CES 2023

  A ska Flying Car eVTOL to Debut at CES 2023                                             Source:  NFT/Aska Your New Fly-Drive Commuting A hot new flying car is set to debut at this week's CES 2023 in Las Vegas.  Silicon Valley-based NFT/Aska, which is an US/Israeli startup, will unveil its eVTOL (all-electric, vertical takeoff and landing vehicle) that seats four and operates like a helicopter for takeoffs and landings, except it can also drive on the road. The wings fold back for driving, which transitions the flying car to the size of an SUV. This stunning new piece of travel technology is essentially an electric VTOL that is rolled into a car hybrid. This debut is a must see.  Tech Specs Aska is powered by an electric motor system with lithium-ion batteries that have a range extender.  Performance details include: Top range of 250 miles on a charge Top speed of 150 mph STOL - Short Takeoff and landing vehicle VTOL - Vertical takeoff and landing vehicle To transition from flying