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New Nanosatellite Boosts Connectivity

Israeli Advanced Nanosatellite Launched Aboard Russian Rocket Source:  NSLComm Boosting Connectivity from Space NSLComm, an Israel based aerospace startup, just launched into space its expandable nanosatellite. The satellite expands to greatly boost its connectivity capacity 100-times.  The nanosatellite was part of the payload aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket and launched this weekend from eastern Russia. Commercial and educational satellites from the US, Germany, France and the UK were also onboard. Unique Technology There are flexible dish antennas that expand in space when the nanosatellites are in position.  That enables greater bandwidth and internet speeds 100 times faster than current top nanosatellites, according to NSLComm.  Ground crews are able to control the antennas to turn the supply to specific locations on the ground that are in need of increased bandwidth.  The Israeli company says their technology is a unique answer to meeting the growing global connectivity