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1st Likely Air Taxi for US Flights

  Archer Aviation's Midnight                                                                                        Source:  Archer Aviation Targets Commercial Operations Late 2024 - 2025 San Jose, California-based Archer Aviation has unveiled its flagship air taxi, Midnight eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle). Company Co-founder and CEO Adan Goldstein says that Midnight is likely to be the first flying taxi to be certified by the FAA and to fly in the US by late 2024.  250 of these 12-rotor, all-electric, zero emissions and very low noise level aircraft will be commercially launched in 2025 in a partnership with United Airlines. They will serve as a network of air taxis for urban air mobility in the US.  The eVTOLs carry a pilot and 4 passengers. Mission, Purpose & Tech Specs Midnight is designed to fly a 100-mile range on a charge.  But it will start flying city routes, like downtown to the airport and back, and will focus on 20-mile, back-to-back short hops