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Running a Marathon Blind - Inspiration

World History Made at the New York City Half Marathon Thomas Panek and Gus at NYC Marathon Blind Runner Completes Race with his Guide Dog Gus Thomas Panek became the first runner to complete the NYC Half Marathon with no sight.  He crossed the finish line with his long time guide dog Gus.  Panek lost his sight 25 years ago but he never lost his love of running. At first frightened to run, he started running again being guided by human volunteers.  But, being tied to another person eliminated the independence of running for him.  So, he tried an innovative approach - running with his guide dog.  He made history at the NYC Half Marathon, finishing the race with his long time guide dog Gus with no human assistance. CEO/Entrepreneur Panek and His Team of 3 Labs The athlete is CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a nonprofit that provides "superbly bred and trained dogs for blind and visually impaired, free of charge.  For the NYC race, Mr. Panek actually used his trio