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Macrobat - new Bird-like eVTOL

  New Disruptive Aircraft Design-Inspired by Bats                                        Source:  Phractyl's Macrobat Epic New Flying Experience South African electric aircraft startup Phractyl has invented an electric, vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVTOL) that is unique in design and technology.  Called the Macrobat, the aircraft takes its design inspiration from bats.  The 1-seat aircraft can be flown by a pilot or be operated remotely like a drone by a ground operator.  It is new, disruptive aviation technology and it provides, green zero emissions travel.  Potential uses include personal air travel, cargo transport, emergency services and more. Like a Wild Bird in the Air The vehicle has two, large propellers powered by electricity generated from a bank of batteries.  The wings are designed to gain lift at very low speeds.  The vehicle can carry up to 330 pounds and hit speeds up to 110mph.  The range is 90 miles on a charge.  What is very distinctive are the bird like