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A New #1 Book Release on Amazon

"New Travel Vehicles Illustrated" by Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane                                                  Source:  Amazon #1 New Release in Pictorial Automotive Books So proud that my brother Ed and my book "New Travel Vehicles Illustrated" by Edward Kane has been a #1 new release on Amazon, now in Pictorial Automotive Books, for a few weeks. I'm the co-author. Here's an easy way to take a free look  New Travel Vehicles Illustrated   It contains fun, easy to read news briefs and great images of the world's top emerging travel vehicles. 

Amazon's #1 New Release in Pictorial Automotive

   " New TRAVEL VEHICLES ILLUSTRATED - Edward Kane                                  Source:  Amazon  ASIN: B0B5PLRDRZ Resource on Top, New Travel Vehicle Concepts of Recent Months So proud that we're the #1 New Release in Pictorial Automotive on Amazon! If you are interested in the top new concept cars, planes and bikes, plus prototype vehicles, now under development globally, take a look at "New Travel Vehicles Illustrated". It's a series of news briefs and great pictures of the top new vehicles, written by journalists Edward Kane and Maryanne Kane.  For a free sample look,  New Travel Vehicles Illustrated    In e-book, paperback & hardback editions. Again, this is the #1 New Release in Pictorial Automotive on Amazon!