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Sweden's Wave-Solar Energy Device

Ocean Wave-Solar Renewable Energy System Source:  EcoWave Power World's 1st Grid Connected Wave Energy Array The EcoWave Power is a world first.  The Swedish invention converts both wave and solar power into green renewable energy on the same device.  It's deployed in the port city of Jaffa, Israel and is connected to the city's electric grid.  This is the world's only grid connected wave energy array.  The device is now also topped with solar panels to generate more energy.  The innovative tech consists of floaters on coastal water attached to existing man-made structures.  This makes the system accessible and simple to install and maintain. The additional solar panel component is now being deployed and tested in Jaffa. Wave+Solar Power Generation Provides Many Benefits The system converts the rise and fall of coastal water into electricity and has worked effectively for several years. To increase efficiency, the Swedish team added solar panels o