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AI For Perfect Running Shoe Fit

Nike Fit Source:  Nike Fit AI App for Perfect Fitting Running Shoes Nike Fit is a new AI innovation app from Nike.  The artificial intelligence powered system relies on a smartphone to ensure you're getting a perfect fit.  The Nike Fit is a scanning system loaded with a proprietary combination of computer vision, machine learning, AI, data science and recommendation algorithms. Big Size Problem This system is designed particularly to help  with buying shoes online.  Sizes aren't consistent across brands.  Nike says three out of five people are wearing the wrong sized shoes.  It's a big size problem that can get in the way of optimum running. The Perfect Fit Here's how the system works.  The Nike Fit system app works with the smartphone camera to take a picture of your feet and make a 13 point map of both feet in a few seconds.  The map is then analyzed by AI algorithms to suggest the best size for the user across various shoe models.  You can use the digita