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Fascinating Nissan Nismo Off-Road Frontier

  Off-Road Frontier Doesn't Need a Road Source:  Nissan Nismo Off-Road Frontier New Off-Roader With a Powerful Truck Powertrain The Nissan Nismo Off-Road Frontier concept is a hefty, midsize truck that takes off-road performance to a whole new level.  This V8 vehicle is so rugged, it doesn't need a road to drive on.  It has lots of power thanks to its 5.6-liter VE engine taken from the Titan full-size pickup truck.  The engine produces 400 hp and 413 pd-ft of torque in the Titan. In essence, the new concept offers Titan power in a mid-size truck. The Off-Road Frontier was built by Forsberg Racing.  It is a highly modified vehicle concept that will be showcased at the 2022 SEMA show coming up in Las Vegas. With a slew of new off-road accessories, it operates like a Baja-style, desert running machine.  Specially Equipped Off-Roader Nissan says the Frontier Off-Roader is meant to inspire Nissan Frontier truck owners with what they could do with their own truck. The off-road access