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Harnessing Ocean Energy As A Power Source Source:  DARPA Sustainable Energy The concept of underwater energy harvesting by drones is being developed by the US Defense Department's Advanced Research Agency DARPA.  This could not only revolutionize naval propulsion, particularly for drone submarines, by providing them a sustainable energy source.  But also, if the drones transport the harvested ocean energy to ships at sea, there would be far less need to return to port to refuel.  The time and energy efficiencies would be breakthrough. Manta Ray Project DARPA calls the program the Manta Ray Project.  It's goal is to develop unmanned underwater vehicles - drones - that can operate underwater for very long, extended periods of time, all the while harvesting the energy of the ocean as a power source.  Four companies have just been selected for the job.  Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and Navtek LLC are working on the drones.  And Metron is developing underwater energy

DARPA Mr Fix- It In Space

Robotic Satellite Fixing Systems Source:  NASA SAT  New DARPA Space Initiative The US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, has launched an innovative program to extend the life of US satellites orbiting in space.  In essence, DARPA is creating a robotic system to inspect, service, repair, improve and extend the lives of US satellites in orbit.  The program promises significant money savings and much longer and efficient use of satellites. Space Logistics DARPA is partnering with Space Logistics, a subsidiary of Northrup Grumman, to develop and deploy advanced robotic capabilities in space.   The first step is to develop what DARPA is calling a "DEXTEROUS ROBOTIC SERVICE".  The technology needed would increase satellite life spans, improve their reliability and resilience.  All of which would save the US government and space companies significant money lost when a satellite's operations breakdown and are currently unf