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From the UK, a Totally 0-Emissions Sub

  Oceanways Subs Run on Hydrogen                                                  Source:  Oceanways Carries Cargo and Simultaneously Cleans Water Pollution In the United Kingdom,  maritime innovation company Oceanways has created award winning and unique, green hydrogen-powered submarines.  These green subs are fully autonomous and they are the world's first fully hydrogen-powered submarines.  They serve a dual purpose.  They carry cargo and simultaneously collect microplastics from the waters they are moving through.  This technology is so revolutionary it has won the UK's top prize for clean maritime innovation.  The UK's Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition is designed to support the development of innovative technologies to achieve Prime Minister Boris Johnson's commitment to zero emissions commercial shipping by 2025.  Oceanways also plans to use the green subs to eventually transport people as a zero emissions transportation system of the future. On a Green M