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Odys Hybrid E-Plane Passengers

  Unique, High-Speed Design                                                  Source: Odys Aviation Hybrid E-Plane, Wing Configuration of Rotors For Vertical Takeoffs/Landings & Forward Thrust Long Beach, California-based aircraft startup Odys Aviation is developing a hybrid electric, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) for regional commuting, like NYC to DC or LA to San Francisco.  The company just raised $12.4 million in seed money from a prominent group of backers, including Giant Ventures, Uber Elevate cofounder Nikhil Goel and Cruise Automation founder Kyle Vogt to develop its unique aircraft with fast speed and long range. Revolutionizing  Regional Travel Led by co-founder and CEO James Dorris, Odys is developing an electric hybrid VTOL to revolutionize regional air commuting.  The vehicle is designed to carry 2 pilots and 9 passengers.  The speed, range and cruising altitude are impressive.  Maximum range is 1,000 miles; maximum speed is 345 mph, and the maximum cruising alti