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Ford Maverick Pick-Up Ready For Off-Road

2023 Maverick Tremor                                                  Source:  Ford Taking On the Road Less Travelled  Ford is expanding its highly successful Maverick compact pickup truck lineup to include the Maverick Tremor edition.  It's a highly upgraded off-road package that will be available on the XLT and Lariat models starting this fall to make them much more serviceable off-road.  The price of the Maverick starts at $22,470.  The Tremor package adds $2,995 for a number of new technologies.  The additions include a new, all-wheel-drive system, special front and rear springs and dampers, a one-inch lift to bring it higher off the road and Trail Control. Tech Specs T he XLT and Lariat models have turbocharged 2.0-liter inline, four-cylinder engines.  The Tremor package provides 5 driving modes depending on the type of terrain or if the driver is towing. The Tremor can haul a 1200-pound payload or pull 2000 pounds.  The new, all-wheel-drive system with a twin-clutch rear-driv

New Jeeps For World's Toughest Trails

Mystery Vehicles to be Unveiled at the Upcoming Jeep Easter Safari                                             Source:  Jeep Jeep's New Off-Road Concept Vehicles  Jeep is revealing teaser images of what appear to be exciting new and powerful off-road concept vehicles.  The concepts will be fully revealed at Jeep's annual Easter Safari off-roading extravaganza in Moab, Utah.  The key concept model in the top image is a hybrid-electric plug-in off-roading vehicle with what Jeep says are tons of extras, a roof rack and 4xe hybrid power.  Jeep says it will provide "open air freedom on some of the toughest trails in the world". Features and Initial Tech Specs The concept has Jeep front and back half doors.  Jeep says that it has the latest customizations from Mopar and Jeep Performance Parts, 4x4 capability and "class exclusive, off-road 4xe plugin hybrid power.  As a frame of reference, the Wrangler 4xe off-road has a range of 370 miles, a 2.0l turbo-charged, four-cy

Off-roading and Respecting Environment

Mitsubishi MI-TECH Concept Source:  Mitsubishi Off-Road Vehicle That's Electric The Tokyo Auto Show is now underway and there's a very interesting new off-road vehicle we just came upon.  It's Mitsubishi's MI-TECH concept vehicle that's an off-roader to explore the environment that is eco-friendly. The vehicle has no doors, is primarily electric powered and looks like a great way to explore the great outdoors without significantly polluting it in comparison with other off-road vehicles.  What I love about this concept is exploring the environment without causing significant pollution while doing it.   Electric Off-Road Vehicle The vehicle concept is powered by a plug in electric powertrain with a four motor electric, all wheel drive system.  There's a gas turbine engine that can run on alcohol, kerosene or diesel to recharge the batteries.  It's a new concept vehicle worth taking a look at for a greener start to explore the enviro