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  Samson Sky's Switchblade - Awesome Tech                                    Source:  Samson Sky's Switchblade USA Flying, Driving Car How much would you love having this sleek, flying/driving car in your driveway?  Don't know about you, but I would love it!! Samson Sky's Switchblade is a real flying and driving car that will hit the market within weeks of getting FAA approval after more flight tests. The company calls it a flying sports car and it brings the lure of flying cars from science fiction territory to concrete reality. The FAA has deemed the Oregon-built, Ferrari-red, very cool looking vehicle safe to fly and undergo flight testing.  That positions the flying/driving sportscar to being, possibly within weeks, on the market for purchase. The inventors and developers at Oregon-based Samson Sky have spent 14 years building what looks like a magnificent flying and driving machine. Fascinating Tech Specs The vehicle has been designed as a luxury car with a hybrid-

Ford's AVs with Robots Delivering Packages

Plans for Ford Autonomous Vehicles with Digit Robots Delivering Packages Source:  Agility Robotics Ford Purchases Digits Digit is a 5 foot tall, 2-legged robot invented by Agility Robotics.  Digit walked around the 2020 CES trade show in Las Vegas this week taking bows.  It should be proud of itself. Ford became the first customer to purchase Digits and it has big plans for them. AV + Digit Plans Ford says the initial plans is to deploy Digits for research and development.  But the goal is to employ Digits as part of a new package-delivery service driven by Ford autonomous vehicle.  Digits would be on board to deliver the package to the owner's door. Agility Robotics Agility Robotics was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Albany, Oregon.  It makes advanced bi-pedal robots with human-like capabilities for diverse markets including logistics/delivery, telepresence and automated inspections.  The company says it will start delivering Digits to customers i