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UK Jet Suit & 3 Guinness World Records - Speed

Three Guinness World Speed Records Set by Richard Browning's Jet Suit                                                         Source:  Guinness World Records Gravity Industries of the UK The British inventor of the flying jet suit, Richard Browning, broke three Guinness World Records this week at the Anker Speed Challenge sponsored by Guinness in Southampton, UK.  Browning and his jet suit broke three, global, track speed records, including one set by superstar runner Usain Bolt.  Browning is a former British Marine and the founder of Gravity Industries of the UK. 100 Meter Dash Record Smashed Browning set a new world record for the fastest 100 meter dash with his body controlled and powered by his jet suit.  Doing the dash in 7.60 seconds, he officially broke runner Usain Bolt's record of 9.58 seconds. 400 Meter Hurdle Aced Browning did the unthinkable in setting a new world record for the 400 meter hurdle.  The jet suit powered him to clear each hurdle with a definitive up an