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Revolutionary Robotic Arm

German Engineering Precision Source:  Franka Emika Robotics The Panda Germany based robotics firm Franka Emika has built a breakthrough robotic arm specifically geared for small business. It's called The Panda, is easy to program and is priced at $11,000.  It's been cited by Time as one of the top inventions of 2018. Lightweight Robotic System The Panda can move in 7 axes. The company says it was designed to mimic human agility and a sense of touch.  It can be programmed to perform specific tasks and is interconnected and adaptive. Panda can build circuit boards, conduct scientific experiments and pre-test equipment. Two Pandas can work together and build a third Panda. Next Generation It's expected that a redesigned version will be developed for use at home as a helping hand, for instance, to chop vegetables or to assist elderly residents.  For more news stories on robotic and other innovation, go to for free library use.