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US EV Startup Fisker, Foxconn, India

  Fisker to Partner with Foxconn in India                                                                                  Source:  Fisker Fisker's Global Expansion Plans There has been a big strategic move on the global chessboard of electric vehicles (EVs).  California based Fisker is partnering with Apple iPhone manufacturer Foxconn of Taiwan to produce and sell EVs in the huge India market. This is very important on multiple levels.  Foxconn recently announced that it is in the EV business and is developing its own EVs.  Some experts believe that Foxconn has a good chance of becoming the manufacturer of the widely anticipated Apple electric, autonomous EV.  Add to that, Henrik Fisker is one of the most accomplished leaders in the automotive industry.  He is the innovative designer of such vehicles as the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9.  Their new partnership is a powerful and noteworthy one with game-changing potential into the future. Key Element of the Partnership By early 2