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Tesla's Green Electric Semi-Trucks

  Green Pepsi Deliveries to Start in December on Tesla E-Big Rigs                                                       Source:  Tesla Tesla CEO Elon Musk's Electric Semi-Trucks to Hit the Roads Pepsi has confirmed that it will start using Tesla electric semi-trucks to make product deliveries in December 2022.  The snack and beverage giant will start receiving the 100 Tesla semi-trucks that it ordered on December 1, 2022. The electric, zero-emissions semi-trucks are one of CEO Elon Musk's favorite projects because of their positive impact on the environment. But they've been a long time coming because of supply shortages and production delays.  Pepsi will be the first buyer of the zero-emissions semi to take delivery.  They will start going into operation at Pepsi's California Frito-Lay and beverage plants and then be fanned out to other locations. Pepsi's goals are to cut its carbon emissions and to reduce fuel costs. It is an important start to the process of redu