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Future of Hydrogen, Clean Flying

World's 1st Manned Hydrogen Powered Helicopter                                    Source:  HyPoint & Piasecki HyPoint & Piasecki Helicopter/eVTOL Partnership New hydrogen fuel cell technology and a new partnership are putting the development of hydrogen powered, helicopters and eVTOLs on the fast track. California based HyPoint, which is developing turbo-air cooled hydrogen fuel cell systems for aviation, has entered into a collaborative development agreement with helicopter manufacturer Piasecki Aircraft Company.  Their intent is to develop and certify hydrogen fuel cell systems for helicopters and eVTOLS to foster a new era of zero emissions, green flying. Global eVTOL Marketplace The two companies will develop a 650 kW hydrogen fuel cell system for Piasecki's eVTOL PA-890 Compound Helicopter.  The vehicle will be the world's 1st, manned, hydrogen powered helicopter.  And the hydrogen fuel cell power system will be customizable for the global eVTOL and helicopter