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E-Flying Cars Start Competitive Racing

  Airspeeder EXA Race in Australia                                                       Source:  Alauda Start of the Grand Prix Series of eVTOLs An unprecedented, electric flying car league called Airspeeder, based in London, just completed the world's 1st flying car races in South Australia.  The event is called the EXA series and it kicked off the beginning of a global Grand Prix series of racing electric flying cars.  This racing concept is important.  As is the case with automobiles, many big technology breakthroughs for consumer cars come from the tech advancements made on race cars.  These flying races are designed to greatly advance the technologies underpinning flying cars or eVTOLs (electric, vertical takeoff and landing vehicles). Alauda Speeders The eVTOL races are the brainchild of eVTOL maker Alauda Aeronautics of Adelaide, Australia.  2 Alauda-made eVTOLs, both 13.5 feet in length, participated.  Both were remotely controlled with no humans onboard.  The vehicles, wh