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Next US Military Fighter Jet Tech

  Sixth Generation Fighter Jets                          Source:  Lockheed Martin Fighter Jet Concept What Technologies and Innovations Will They Contain? Russia and China power plays against their neighbors are driving escalating spending on the next generation - generation 6 - of fighter jets by major powers around the world. The US, UK, Germany, Japan and France are all working on the development of sixth generation fighter jets that will likely go into service by the mid-2030's.  What innovations and new technologies will define them, including for the US Air Force's secret new fighter jet?  Engineers from Raytheon's Intelligence and Space group, in a recent webinar, offered some expert perspectives. Autonomous and Loaded with Artificial Intelligence The Raytheon engineers believe the aircraft will have self-landing systems to autonomously land on aircraft carriers and elsewhere in challenging conditions.  They also will be equipped with a single large transmitter that

Blockbuster Defense Deal

United Technologies and Raytheon Merger Source:  Raytheon Aerospace Creates a $160 Billion Defense & Aerospace Giant In a blockbuster announcement, United Technologies, with a market value of $114 billion and Raytheon, with a market value of $52 billion, have agreed to merge their aerospace and defense businesses.  That creates an industry leader valued at $160 billion.  The new company will be called Raytheon Technologies Corporation.  The companies anticipate annual cost savings a $1 billion. Merger of Equals The companies term this a "merger of equals".  It's an all stock deal.  The companies  say that by joining forces they have "unsurpassed technology and expanded R&D capabilities" to deliver innovation.  They add the merger will "deliver cost and revenue synergies". There was some speculation that the two New England based companies were talking, but Sunday's announcement that the two global aerospace businesses are mergin

Laser Shooting Dune Buggy for US Military

Laser Innovation for the US Military Source:  Raytheon HELWS MRZR Raytheon's Laser Shooting ATV It's a powerful laser on a dune buggy for the US Military.  Raytheon's HELWS MRZR laser-shooting dune buggy, all terrain vehicle. Once the human operator confirms the target, a fiber optic electric laser fires a controlled beam that instantly destroys the target. Battery or Electric Powered A simple battery charge enables 30 blasts.  If there's an electrical hookup, the magazine can last indefinitely.  This laser weapon developed by Raytheon for the US military has been cited as one of the most important innovations of 2018.  Raytheon has mounted the laser on a Polaris ATV.  For more laser and other energy news, go to my colleague Ed Kane's Amazon Author Page

Make Way for Drones Not Under the Radar

New, Low Altitude Radar Innovation Capable of Tracking Widespread Drone Use Source:  Raytheon Skylar Rollout of Widespread Drone Deliveries Enabled Raytheon Corporation, the US defense contractor, has developed a low altitude, radar system capable of tracking flying vehicles below 3200 feet. It's an innovation breakthrough for the drone aviation industry.  For drones to be able to deliver on their potential, we have to be able to track the small, low flying vehicles, 24/7. Enter Raytheon's Skylar Raytheon's new, low power radar is known as Skylar.  It's a compact unit that's less than one meter square.  It scans for objects using a radar system similar to that in modern fighter jets. Top Innovation - Potential Use This system has been cited as a top innovation in 2018.  Here's Raytheon vision of how it could be deployed.  Networks of these units on cell towers, hills and on buildings.  They say that would be far cheaper and far more effective for