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New eVTOL Made for Everyone to Fly

  Ryse's Ultralight Recon eVTOL                                                                                              Source: Ryse AeroTech You're Flying with 45 Minutes Training Mason, Ohio based Ryse Aerotech's eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle) has successfully completed its first manned flight.  The electric flying machine is a single seater, called Recon, that can fly for 25 minutes at speeds up to 58 mph and at comfortable cruising speeds of 40 mph.  The manned flight took place this summer in Ohio and included a perfect takeoff, landing, forward flight, controlled hover and pivot turn maneuvers.  Why is this such an exciting milestone in personal aviation?  This eVTOL is said to be as easy to jump into and operate as an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). The company's goal is to make flight available to everyone.  With 45 minutes training, Ryse Aerotech says, you are ready for takeoff.  Buy 'n' Fly Tech Specs Recon is called a "buy