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Renault's Vision of Micro Electric Cars

  Solo Concept:  Tiny, 1-Person Vehicles                                                   Source:  Renault Mobility Ilio Concept: "Street Furniture" with Charging Station Renault's Mobility innovation group has developed a very radical, tiny, one-person electric vehicle and fascinating "street furniture" which are mobile units with charging stations and more to support the vehicles.  Mobility is dedicated to sustainable, new mobility. Their micro electric vehicle is called Solo Concept and it's a minimalist, all-electric, one-person vehicle with a very small footprint at just 54" long, 35.4" wide and 69" high.  The accompanying eco-system called Ileo Concept is a network of mobile charging point destinations to support fleets of their tiny concept cars.  Renault views the idea as a forward-looking mobility project designed to transition from cars to a carbon neutral environment.  Solo Concept Technologies The electric vehicle concept drives a