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Honda's Self-Balancing Motorcycle Tech

  Riding Assist 2.0                                                                                                   Source:  Honda A Real Balancing Act Honda has developed self-balancing, stabilizing technology for motorcycles.  It is called the Rider Assist 2.0, which the company has been working on for five years.  They have demonstrated its efficacy on a big heavy bike, the NM4 Vulture.  The technology keeps the rider steady and balanced at low speeds and when stopped.  The rider can bike and make turns at low speeds without tipping.  They can also mount and dismount while the bike remains stable.   Robotic Technology This new technology is still under development by Honda.  The Riding Assist 2.0 uses Honda robotic technology to keep the bike steady instead of using gyroscopes to aid in balance.  The new technology enables a key feature:  the bike's rear wheel swings to adjust the angle of the rider and the motorcycle to maintain stability.   Potential Impact This new technolo