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Hyundai's New Agile Robot

  MobED or Mobile Eccentric Droid                                                       Source:  Hyundai Incredible Piece of Robotic Technology For the first time since Hyundai took a controlling stake in global robotics leader Boston Dynamics, it has released a remarkable new robot.  It's a 4 wheeled robot called MobED for Mobile Eccentric Droid.  This droid is outstanding for its precision, maneuverability, mobility and stability.  It is capable of carrying precariously stacked champagne glasses up an incline.  Right now, it is designed to carry small objects but eventually it could be used to carry people.  MobED will make its official debut at the January 2022 CES show in Las Vegas at which time availability and price should be disclosed by Hyundai. Tech Specs The 110-pound robot looks like a board attached to 4 tires but the technology is breakthrough.  Each pneumatic tire has three motors. The tires are operated and controlled independently.  MobED has omnidirectional movemen