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Look at a New Flying Mode

  Electric Sea Gliders                                                  Source:  REGENT REGENT & Hawaiin Airlines Partner on New Type of E-Plane A fascinating new form of aviation technology is being developed.  Boston-based REGENT (which stands for Regional Electric Ground Effect Nautical Transport) has developed a new type of electric aircraft that flies just above the surface of the water. Now, Hawaiian airlines is partnering with and investing in REGENT, which was founded by two MIT trained engineers with significant, real world, aviation and aerospace experience.  Hawaiian Airlines expects to deploy the all-electric powered, next generation, sea glider planes for inter-island travel.  This is a brand-new form of zero emissions flying.  In fact, it is a brand-new category in the commercial aviation market as it operates exclusively over water. Island Hopping Itineraries Hawaiian Airlines planes to deploy the highly advanced planes for island hoping, such as between the heavily