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Sion May Be World's Cheapest Solar Car

  Germany' Sono Motors' Sion Solar Car                                                                                           Source:  Sono Motors Priced Just About Right at $25,497 Germany's Sono Motors has a solar-powered SEV that is very close to production.  In fact, it is so close, the company says that it will start production in mid-2023 and it can be bought at a price starting at $25,497.  The Sono Sion is a unique solar vehicle, and it may be the world's most affordable solar car.  There are solar panels on every flat surface of the EV, even on the fenders.  Most solar cars have the solar panels just on the roof.  The pictures show the production ready version of the SEV (solar electric vehicle) from the updated design.  The vehicle is very sleek and has advanced technologies.  The Sion is dedicated to "Celebrating the Sun". German Solar Startup With Lots of Ideas Sono was founded in the Munich area in 2016 in a garage by two friends Laurin Hahn an