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S. Africa's Sunchaser 4 - Unique Solar Car

  Global Pursuit of Zero Emissions Driving                          Source:  Tshwane University of Technology Unique Solar Car Technology From a University Faculty and students at South Africa's Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) have invented a fourth-generation solar car, called Sunchaser 4. They have been developing this innovative piece of green technology since 2014.  Sunchaser 4 is successfully being driven to locations around Africa to showcase the power of solar driving technology and to get young people, particularly school children, excited about the valuable applications of renewable energy.  The very unusual looking and uniquely designed vehicle is currently being showcased in Namibia. The vehicle has won international awards and delivers the longest distance and lowest energy use of any solar car in Africa.  Sunchaser 4 is yet another example of the global pursuit of zero emissions, solar powered vehicles that travel in harmony with nature, instead of contaminating