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Tesla, Supercomputer & Autonomous Cars

  Project Dojo                                             Source:  Tesla World's 5th Most Powerful Supercomputer  Many automotive experts consider Tesla to be the global leader in autonomous driving. Tesla is now using the world's 5th most powerful supercomputer to help train its vehicles to drive autonomously.  The AI supercomputer system is called Dojo.  Right now, humans and computers at Tesla are training its self driving neural network and Dojo is crunching the driving data that Tesla is getting from its network of customers on the road.  Dojo is automating the process.  Tesla plans to replace the radar, LIDAR sensors and camera combination it has used to navigate its self-driving vehicles with a vision-only system using cameras and Dojo hosting a neural network.  CEO Elon Musk says vision is more precise and far faster than radar and LIDAR. Tech Specs Dojo is impressive.  It has 5,760 GPUs delivering 1.8 EFLOPS, 10 Petabytes of "hot tier" NVME storage and 640 t