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Shelled Sea Creatures Survival Fight

Rising Acidification of the Oceans Dissolving Shells Source:  University of Tsukuba, Japan Climate Change's Relentless Pace Another startling sign of climate change.  The ocean is getting increasingly acidified.  To the point that in sea regions with high level of carbon dioxide the shells of sea snails are dissolving from it.  Marine biologists say shelled sea creatures are fighting for survival. International Research Marine scientists from the University of Tsukuba, Japan and University of Plymouth, UK studied the impact of rising carbon dioxide levels on shellfish.  They found those living off Japan with high levels of carbon dioxide are 1/3 the size of their counterparts.  They also found shell deterioration in terms of thickness, strength, density, structure and in some cases shells totally dissolved. Scientific Warning The UK and Japanese university scientists warn that if carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise unchecked, it poses a clear threat to marine