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Hyundai as a Smart Mobility Solutions Co.

Hyundai Completes Acquisition of Leading Robot Developer Boston Dynamics                                Source:  Hyundai & Boston Dynamics Synergies of Robotics and Automakers Hyundai Motor Group has completed its acquisition of Boston Dynamics, a world leader in developing agile, mobile robots such as Spot the robodog.  Boston Dynamics was valued at $1.1 billion with Hyundai having an 80% stake and SoftBank owning 20%.  The question is why would a global automaker buy a robotics company?  The answer:  Hyundai is going into robotics in multidimensional ways, including autonomous cars, urban air mobility vehicles and robots. Robotic Value Chain Hyundai says that it and Boston Dynamics will create a robotic value chain for everything from robot component manufacturing to smart logistics solutions.  Hyundai already has significant internal robotic expertise including factory automation, wearable exoskeletons to protect and strengthen workers and a service robot that performs hotel dut

TikTok US Operations Bidders

Growing Acquisition Interest in US TikTok Operations Source:  TikTok Logo Clock Is Ticking for Microsoft and Reportedly Twitter According to The Wall Street Journal, Twitter has approached TikTok's Chinese owner ByteDance to buy the US operations of the video sharing app company with a global user base of 800 million.  The talks are reportedly at the preliminary stage and Twitter has made no formal announcement.  Meanwhile, Microsoft hopes to finalize an agreement to acquire TikTok's US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand by mid-September.  The moving force behind the acquisition scramble is President Donald Trump and his threat to ban Chinese owned TikTok from operating in the US. Vulnerability of Amercans' Personal Data TikTok has come under fire from US lawmakers, particularly President Trump and Treasury Secretary Steve Municin, about the vulnerability of Americans' private information to TikTok data collection,  The key issue is that ByteDance could be compelled by

Important Innovations Collection: EU Okays IBM's Red Hat Purchase

EU Okays IBM's Red Hat Acquisition Source:  IBM Cloud Deal Creates #1 Hybrid Cloud Provider The European Union just approved IBM's $34 billion acquisition of open source software company Red Hat.  The multinational company is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  This acquisition will position IBM as the world's #1 hybrid cloud provider, according to IBM CEO Ginny Rometty.  For more details, go to  Important Innovations Collection: EU Okays IBM's Red Hat Purchase : Creates Cloud Computing Behemoth Source:  IBM Cloud $34 Billion Dea l Global tech giant IBM just received the go-ahead from the Euro...